Andreas Hilfinger

I was trained as a mathematician and theoretical physicist at Imperial College and Cambridge University. As a graduate student I worked on the swimming of sperm at the Max-Planck-Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems.

Before coming to Toronto I was a Research Fellow in the Department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School.

Nava Leibovich

Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Previous position: PhD student at Bar-Ilan University.

Euan Joly-Smith

Graduated from McGill University in Physics and Mathematics. Joined the U of T Physics Graduate Program in 2018.

Having a physics background, I'm interested in the bridge between physics and biology and how physical laws manifest themselves in "living matter". I'm currently exploring constraints on stochastic models of cellular systems, using both theory and computation.

Raymond Fan

From U of T Physics (UG) to U of T Physics (PG). Why change a thing?

Seshu Iyengar

I am from Fredericton, New Brunswick where I completed my undergraduate with a BA in Philosophy and a BSc in Biology-Physics with a minor in Mathematics. I am now a PhD student at the University of Toronto in the Hilfinger group where I am interested in developing multi-scale models of biological signal transduction pathways using stochastic fluctuations, leveraging our knowledge of modeling in physics in a biologically useful way. I am also interested in Physics Education Research, and the philosophy of Physics. When not doing Physics, you can find me reading German idealist philosophy or trying out a new sport which I am not very good at (currently badminton).

Brayden Kell

Previous to my graduate studies I was an undergrad in Biophysics and Math at UofT and a research assistant at Sunnybrook Research Institute in breast cancer imaging.

My scientific interests lie at the intersection of applied mathematics, physics, and biology. Broadly, I am interested in leveraging the tools of theoretical physics and applied math to study complex cellular processes in order to gain fundamental insight into principles of biological function. As well, I am interested in the study of systems and mathematical/computational tools which may have application to human health or in engineering synthetic biological circuits.

Timon Wittenstein

Visiting Masters student. On loan from the university of Mainz.

In the course of my studies in physics I have developed a profound interest in biological problems. In particular, how the tools provided by theoretical and computational physics can be used to gain a deeper understanding of biological systems.

My previous research at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research focused on using statistical physics to develop a formalism to reweight dynamics across non-equilibrium conditions.

Nicholas Martin

Research volunteer after graduating with a degree in mathematics and statistics from the University of Toronto.

Alumni - Alumnae

Jeremy D'silva

Fields Institute Undergraduate

(on loan from University of Michigan)

Nobuaki Masaki

Fields Institute Undergraduate

(on loan from Carleton)

Zhehao (Kenny) Zhang

Fields Institute Undergraduate

(on loan from University of Santa Barbara)

Milena Hadzi-Tosev

Co-op research student. Now graduate student at McMaster University.

Matthew Rozak

Undergraduate research volunteer. Now graduate student in medical biophysics at UofT.

Zi Tong (Jerry) Wang

Undergraduate research volunteer. Now graduate student in biology at Caltech.

Sara El-Shawa

UTM - ROP Student. Now AI Research Intern at the Research Center for Neurointelligence in Tokyo.

Oyinda Adepoju

UTM - ROP Student